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NFC Reader

Each myPOS device is capable of processing NFC payments. No matter if your customer wants to pay with a contactless card, smartphone or smartwatch, it works.

Multi-Operator Mode

If your device is used by multiple employees you can assign them with a personal code. Anytime you can print a report that will show the exact amount per operator..

Custom Receipts

No matter if you print receipts or send them via email, you can put your own company logo with a few clicks. If you want to include additional information on the receipt such as terms and conditions, you may use the bottom of the receipt and add custom text.

Mail Order / Telephone Order

Would you like to process manually entered transactions? MOTO (Mail Order/Telephone Order) Feature gives you the freedom of accepting card payments, even if your customer is not present. Suitable for businesses which charge customers from distance.


Give comfort to your customers and make your staff feel more appreciated with myPOS Tipping feature. Adding tip is simple – enter the order amount, let the clients choose if they would like to tip, аnd let them tip. That’s it!


Especially designed for hospitality industry, rental businesses and cruise lines, pre-authorization allows you to temporary hold a specified amount from your client’s card. This is useful when you want to make sure that your clients have the money to pay for the service you are offering them.

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Why myPOS ?

You BUY It You Own It

We help to improve both the lives of our customers and their businesses. We created myPOS with the specific purpose of enabling independent businesses of any size and type with market leading card payment solutions. With the solid understanding of the challenges faced by business owners, we take pride in saving their money, easing their cash flow problems and providing tools that allow them to focus on the priorities of their business. As of today, myPOS has saved more than 5,000,000+ Euros in annual, monthly or other fixed fees to our clients.

Our Story

Why we started myPOS ?

“We started myPOS because it’s just not enough for payment solutions to accept transactions, print receipts, create poor reports and yet be extremely expensive. It should be affordable, make life easier, customers happier and be accessible from anywhere.”

Flexibility 95%
Reliability 100%
Trustworthy 100%
Effective 100%

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